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The Shivkrupa Sahakari Patpedhi Ltd., Mumbai, which continues to extend its hands for economic prosperity of the farmers, businessman and the common people in the society and to help them lead a better life.

From the Western part of Maharashtra, some Satarkar natives living in the Vikhroli-Bhandup area of Mumbai came together. They established the Satara Vikas Mandal in the 1980s. The Satarkars used to gather at the Shiva Temple near Vikhroli Station. The idea of establishing a financial institution for the purpose of expelling their brothers from the pastimes, for the purpose of eradicating the mill workers and standing behind the mill workers, began with the idea of establishing a financial institution. On 22nd November 1982, with the stake of 520 members and a sum of Rs. 25000/- founded Shivkrupa.

Shivkrupa is a distinguished credit society which is ideal and One of the leading credit societies in Maharashtra. Even today, In all the branchces the day begins with the prayer of Shri Ganesha for his blessings towards the economy. With strong will, hard work and team spirit, Shivkrupa is working as a light House in the co-operative movement today. Many contribute to the wider movement of the organization. The Board of Directors, which is at the forefront of progress in co-operation, is the backbone of Shivkrupa Sahakari Patpedhi. Various committees have been set up to function under the Board of Directors. A meeting of the Board of Directors is held every Friday. There are in-depth discussions on various topics. Priority is given to the interest of the members. On the strength of the credibility of the members, Shivkrupa has 4 lakh plus members today. At the branch offices there are 800+ staffs working together.

The Shivkrupa Sahakari Patpedhi Ltd. covers the entire state of Maharashtra and has a total of 102 branches in Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Navi Mumbai, Raigad, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Ratnagiri, Nashik, Solapur and Kolhapur. There are also 10 Divisional Offices and one Administrative Office to control the branches. Out of 112 offices of the organization, 44 offices are Self owned. Considering the growing scope of work of the organization, the organization has constructed a six storey spacious Shivkrupa Bhavan at Rabale, Navi Mumbai for its administrative office. On 14, February 2022 SHIVKRUPA BHAVAN has been inaugurated by Hon'ble MP Shri. Sharad Chandraji Pawar Saheb.

Shivkrupa Sahakari Patpedhi has become the lighthouse for the co-operative credit movement using trained staff and modern technology at our offices. Due to the increasing competition among financial institutions, there are many options available to consumers. So the customer is the king. In such cases, interest on the loan is the main source of income for the Societies. Generally more Lounges to meet the financial needs of the clients, Shivkrupa has launched various loan schemes. Due to the Loan disbursement system and the continuous Deposit collection. This economic organization operates with a mission keeping Vision in line with changing national and international economies. Recovery of unproductive debt is the main challenge facing all the credit societies today, in that Shivkrupa has succeeded in maintaining the unproductive debt due to consistent recovery by pursuing debt consolidation and fulfilling legal requirements.

The Co-operative Credit Societies of Maharashtra is the general economy. It is Shivkrupa's ideology that they should survive, grow, and for this noble purpose, Shivkrupa has merged some of the financial problematic organizations like, Dadasaheb Sakhawalkar Patsanstha, Omkar Patsanstha and Bhairavnath Gramin Sahakari Prasantha, Sharayu Mahila Nagari Sahakari Patsanstha to strengthen people's faith in cooperation. Through this, Shivkrupa has established co-operation under the Cooperative policy of the Government of Maharashtra. The organization has always maintained its social commitment while working in the field of cooperation. Shivkrupa has planted lakhs of trees in the central and state government's tree conservation scheme. The organization is also responsible for the upkeep of these trees. For the drought-hit areas of Satara district, water supply and water tanks have been installed.

The organization is actively involved in the campaign. Shivkrupa is always conducting various social activities like, non-hunda (without dowry) community marriage ceremonies, Liquor addiction relief camps and blood donation camps. The organization has generously provided financial support for various disasters in the country. Shivkrupa provides medical care to devotees who come to Pandharpur waari. Granth Mahotsav and schools are financed for the purpose of cultivating a reading culture. Student adoption plans and quality students are honored annually. The organization has taken a positive step towards women empowerment. Shivkrupa has provided special support to grow women centric ecomony, social upliftment, women savings groups, Mahila Bachat Gat.

From time to time, the officers and employees of Shivkrupa are trained with the latest technology and their quality is enhanced. The organization has their own residential training center in Koregaon. Time to time meditation and training camps are organized for employees and members, thereby setting the vision and mission of the future. All the branches of the organization are computerized and updated. Core banking system has been implemented in the organization. There are meetings, dialogues with all the zonal offices which are connected through video conferencing system. Shivkrupa is the only credit Society that runs ATM facilities in most of its branches to withdraw money. Electricity bill, mobile bill and DTH bill collection centers are running through BBPS. Shivkrupa gives SHIVAMPAYMobile Banking Service facility for members to transact Online .  MERCHANT QR CODE facility for Merchant customers to collect money with the help of QR Code. All branches are equipped with CCTV and security system with Power Backup. Organizations are utilizing the latest technology and more than 1300 daily deposit collection agents collect daily deposit (DDS) through mobile. Updated transactional SMS sent to account holders from their operative accounts on their mobile.

Shivkrupa Patapedhi has always taken on the role of guiding as a parent to the credit societies for cooperative growth. Taking note of this, many organizations and the cooperative department of State Government of Maharashtra have also given various awards. All of these awards are a testament to the quality of the organization. Prosperity through cooperation is the key to the successful economical competition of Shivkrupa. This is not only the result of the increased deposits and Loans of Shivkrupa Patpedhi, but also the rewards we receive and the growing confidence of the members.

Shivkrupa, the embodiment of co-operation, is like a lighthouse for the co-operative movement in the Maharashtra State. It is a moment of great pride to all the Directors, Members, Customers and Daily Deposit collection and Recovery Agents and Employees of the organization.


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